May 14            “ A Woman’s Grit”    Luke 18:1 – 8

Most of us remember the movie “True Grit” in either its first or second release.  What we may not realize is that the movie “True Grit” is not about Rooster Cogburn (John Wayne or Jeff Bridges) but is about a 14 year old girl named Mattie Ross (Kim Darby or  Hailee Stanfield)!

Mattie is the one who picked Rooster to help her track down her father’s murderer.  There was absolutely NOTHING going to stop this stubborn and feisty young woman from her task!

 Grit is defined as “perseverance and passion for long-term goals.”

  • God wants us to pray
    • Talking builds relationships
    • God wants us to TALK with Him
    • Even if we don’t say much – listen
  • God wants us to remain hopeful
    • We so quickly turn to the dark side – what is the WORST
    • We get all bound up in the “What Ifs”
    • We rarely think the best thing is happening
  • Hope is built in our heart
    • not our eyes, hands, minds, TV shows, etc.
  • To show us the right path God used a PERSISTENT women
    • She had been a wife and was probably a mom
    • God knows the love and strength of a woman’s heart
    • Especially for her family
  • A strong woman never gives up, gives in or gives out
    • She fights for her family
    • She pushes for what is right
  • Reality:
      • Dads is still sitting in his chair wondering what’s going on WHILE Momma already got it done!
      • IF Momma’s first attempt at getting it done meets RESISTANCE…..MOMMA IS GOING TO KEEP ON TRYING!
        • Ain’t no GIVE UP in Momma
    • Jerry Clower is famous for saying “WHATEVER MOMMA WANTS…..MOMMA GETS!”
    • It is not original with him though…it comes from this text in Holy Scriptures!
  • She nagged him
    • she never let up or relented or LOST HOPE
    • even though the temptation to quit must have been there after so many attempts and so many failures
      • but she persisted
  • Because of her persistence the Judge relented
    • He figured out that if he didn’t do something she would keep coming
    • He knew she needed justice,
      • but he evidently didn’t want to be bothered.
      • Maybe heartless or maybe lazy or perhaps he didn’t see the value of wasting time on her.
      • But because she persisted he relented and helped
  • God is different than this Judge
    • God Loves You
    • God is THE Righteous Judge
    • He wants to help
    • God is on your side
    • God is OK with your continual prayers
    • NAG God all you want – BE PERSISTENT
  • Here is the question for us this text poses:
    • When the Son of Man returns WILL HE FIND ANY FAITH ON EARTH?
      • Will He find a people like the widow who perceived in faith
        • True faith continues to pray
        • With a FERVENT HOPE
        • True faith keeps its heart toward God
        • Trusting
      • Will He find people who simply gave up
        • Turned to the comforts of the world
        • Turned to the evil lies of our enemy
        • Lost hearts
  • NEVER give up on God!
  • He certainly NEVER gives up on you

Luke 11:1 – 13                        Praying Properly

  1. Priority of Prayer
    1. Luke 11:1 – 2a
    2. Jesus knew to pray – it was HIS PRIORITY
    3. Jesus wanted to talk to His Daddy
    4. Jesus NEEDED to talk to His Daddy
  2. Pattern of Prayer
    1. Luke 11:2a – 4
      1. Recognize Gods presence and Position
      2. Worship
  • Seek His Will above yours
  1. Seek His provision
    1. Our wants
    2. Our desires
    3. Yielded to His Holy Will
  2. Seek His forgiveness
    1. Acknowledge your need for His forgiveness
    2. Acknowledge that you need to forgive others as you have received forgiveness
  3. Seek to walk God’s Path
    1. Direction
    2. Protection
    3. FaithFULL obedience
  4. Persistence in Prayer
    1. Luke 11:5 – 9
    2. Never give up
    3. Keep knocking
    4. Keep seeking
    5. Keep asking
      1. SHOUT
      2. Go ahead – NAG GOD!
        1. He can handle it
      3. As long as there is FAITH there is HOPE
        1. I have prayed for many things
          1. Some answered quickly
          2. Some I am still looking to God for answers
            1. I never quit praying for these situations
          3. Hebrews 11:1-2 “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” ESV
            1. Just because you have not seen the answer does not mean:
              1. The answer has not been provided
              2. The answer is not coming
              3. You will like the answer
            2. We are told that we DON’T HAVE because WE DON’T Ask or WE Ask with the wrong motives!
              1. Do all things to the glory of God
            3. BE PERSISTENT!
            4. BE BOLD!
  5. Provision of Prayer
    1. Luke 11:10 – 13
    2. Proper Provision
      1. What we need
      2. What is good for us
    1. Plentiful Provision
      1. “How much more will the Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him.”