Sunday, March 4th, 2018

March 4           Farmers and Ranchers

Farmers, Ranchers, dairies, feed lots, meat processors, granaries, textile workers, cotton mills, and pretty much everyone else owe their livelihoods to the GRACE of GOD.

We owe the reality of the difficulty of toiling the soil to mankind’s sins.

  1. God Made Everything
    1. Genesis 2:1 – 4
  2. God made man
    1. Genesis 2:4 – 7
  3. God GAVE man the garden for food
    1. Genesis 2:8 – 9
      1. to tend and watch over – Genesis 2:15 – 17
    2. Easy work then
  4. Man messed up God’s Plan
    1. Genesis 3:6 – 7
  5. Farming and ranching became HARD WORK because of mankind’s sin
    1. Genesis 3:1 – 7
    2. The ground became cursed
    3. Became a struggle to “SCRATCH” out a living
      1. Genesis 3:17 – 19
    4. Weeds, thorns and thistles (Cactus) became reality
      1. Real problems that plague farmers and ranchers to this day
    5. The reality of this text is a lesson we can all learn today:
        1. Whether it is trying to keep up with the lies
        2. Dealing with the health issues of substance abuse
        3. The poverty of Greed and pride
        4. The Broken relationships of pride, adultery or simply NOT LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR
        5. The issues of law and conscience over criminal activity
        6. The broken relationship with God by loving the WORLD more than WE LOVE HIM
      2. Life gets hard when sin enters in the picture
  1. This is where farmers and ranchers learned TWO lessons
    1. Lesson 1: WATCH WHAT YOU EAT
      1. If you know it would be bad for you to eat or drink something then DON’T
      2. It doesn’t matter who gives it to you
        1. If it is going to be bad for you then LEAVE IT ALONE
      3. Lesson 2: It is always best to honor and obey God

God made you with His own hands, formed you with His fingers; but when he finished shaping you He was not done, you were not alive yet.

God could have chosen to leave you like al the critters He had already made, but God had a greater love for you.

So God did something for you He did not do with any other thing on the planet…..

He powered you with a little bit of Himself!

He breathed into you and have you life.

God powered you with His Spirit.

You are God made and you are God powered.

You are special