Stewardship/Giving/Managing God’s Stuff        Luke 16:1 – 15

Average cost of a Super Bowl ticket this year is $5,000.  Add flights, hotels, food, souvenirs and other expenses we see that a HERD of money will be spent by Super Bowl Attendees.

NGR Stadium hold 72.220 people X $5,000 = $361 MILLION Dollars in ticket sales  – PLUS the other stuff (food, souvenirs, hotels, travel, etc)

And that is just the ones who will be in actual attendance.

More than 100 Million are expected to watch the game on TV and online and spend money on jerseys, food, snacks, drinks, new bigger screen TV’s, etc.

1.23 BILLION Hot Wings  |   14,500 TONS of chips  | 8 MILLION pounds of Guacamole  |  100 Million cases of beverages

A 30 Second Super Bowl Ad cost 5 Million Dollars and up YET 80% of these commercials DO NOT boost sales or purchase intent.

140,000 fans from out of town traveling to Houston requiring 1,300 extra airplane flights and 1,000 NEW hotel rooms

Overall it is estimated that this year’s Super Bowl spending will top last year’s 15.5 BILLION

Not questioning where you spend your money.

Point here is that a BUNCH of people love football more than they love their money.

They are putting their money where their passion points them…Football.  60 minutes of play.

They have scrimped, saved, work extra jobs, borrowed  (heavily since a bunch of this is credit card debt) to fund their desire to attend a football game.

Maybe they are not the shrewdest manager of their money…but they had a great $7,500 afternoon watching a game in Houston.…and they still must explain the credit card bill, empty savings account or new loan payment to their spouse.

  • How much MORE do you love God?
  • How much more are you managing and saving God’s Money you have stewardship over for God’s purposes?
  • Are you being a shrewd manager of God resources or are you trying to cheat Him?
  1. What is your greatest love and passion in life?
    1. How invested are you in your God given passion?
  2. Are you wasting the resources/possessions God has given you?
    1. Why are you entrusted to manage God’s resources?
      1. For God
      2. For His purpose
      3. To give Him the increase
  1. One day there will be an accounting of what you have done with the life God entrusted you with
    1. Many will be held to account for their frivolous spending and behavior this weekend later.
      1. When the bills start rolling in and their spouses read how much money went for what….and when the bills can’t be paid.
    2. We also will be held to account by OUR KING!
  2. You will not be able to “Cook the Books” or use other people to make you look better than you really have been.
    1. God Knows the truth
    2. God keeps His own Books
    3. You CANNOT fake faithfulness with God
  3. You will serve only one master
    1. God
    2. NOT GOD – Self/money/anything and everything else
  4. Do you love God or do you love money?
    1. Knowing that the money/resources you have are from Him
    2. Why would we love the created over the Creator?
      1. Is money your false God?
    3. What are you holding back from God?
      1. 50% 20%                 100%
      2. God asks for a portion to be given back in faith with joy
        1. And you hold back a percentage of a portion?
      3. How well are you managing God’s Portion?
      4. How well are you managing what God has given you?