January 8, 2016           “Useful?”        Luke 14:25-35

  1. KNOW the Word of God
    1. Know what it means and how it all fits together
  1. Count the Cost to your relationships and your self
    1. HATE everything else
      1. Hate: detest, persecute, to love less
        1. This is hyperbole
        2. Do not hate your Family
      2. LOVE GOD MOST
    2. We usually TALK about our love for God BUT MOSTLY live our love for people
      1. LOVE God FIRST then LOVE your NEIGHBOR
    3. Love God so much that every other relationship pales in comparison
      1. Make other JEALOUS of your love for God!
    4. Love God so much that your love for others seems weak
    5. Love God more than you love even yourself
    6. Be willing to sacrifice ALL to follow HIM
  1. Count the cost to your life and lifestyle
      1. OK, only Jesus could bear THE Cross
        1. That one was His alone to bear
        2. He bore The Cross willingly and triumphantly
      2. True Discipleship takes:
        1. Time and Resources
        2. Commitment and Devotion
        3. Submission and Sacrifice
        4. Faith and Obedience
      3. Know the reality of CHRISTIANITY
        1. While SALVATION IS FREE
          1. A gift of grace
          2. The Christian life is not – WORK
  1. Count the cost of rejecting Jesus
    1. In its pure form Salt does not expire or go bad
      1. The salt you use today has been in salt pockets/mines for thousands of years
      2. The sea salt you may use has been there a very long time
    2. It is CONTAMINATION that ruins salt
      1. Iodine
      2. Chemicals AND other Contamination
    3. The same can be said for Christians
      1. We can live USEFUL lives for God
      2. But the more contaminated by the world we become the more USELESS we become
        1. Until we have lost all effectiveness
  1. Matthew teaches us to BE THE SALT OF THE EARTH
    1. Be the USEFUL part
      1. Don’t lose your taste for service and obedience
      2. We are to be useful for the Kingdom
      3. Servants of the Living God
    2. There is a cost to rejecting Christ
    3. There is a cost to rejecting the call of Christ
        1. Cost of being USELESS
        2. Lost: Discarded – tossed in Hades
        3. Saved: Damaged relationship with God
          1. Loss of hope, joy, peace
  2. You must be willing to reject everything that you have and all that you are
    1. To receive better than you could ever dream of or hope for
    2. A life lived in faith is not about what you love and hold on to here on this earth
    3. A Life lived in faith is about how much you love God
    4. Hold on to God tighter than you hold on to anything of this world.
    5. Let it all go and GAIN
      1. God over stuff
      2. God over self
  • God over everything