First Steps into 2017:

Pray more.

Read the Bible more

Serve more

Give more

Smile more

Play More

Read More

Listen More

Hug More

Be real more

Be available more

Help more

Share the Gospel more

Obey God more

Chose God more

Encourage more

Love more

Make excuses less

Gossip less

Hinder less

Quarrel less

Slander less

Provoke less

Envy less

Be less jealous

Be less conceited

Be more patient

Be more kind

Be more gentle

Exert more self-control

Exert more effort for God

Represent God better

Smile and Help

If you want 2017 to be any different than 2016 then you must actually CHANGE some thing. Doing the same stuff the same way will yield the same results

Pick one of these you can do and do it, then pick another.