We are in a war

We are not really warriors prepared for the battles that lay ahead

In boot camp you are yelled at, called names, challenged, worn physically and mentally out, bullied and beaten.  Not because of any thing other than their job is to prepare you for war.

Today’s youth (and a bunch of “adults”) are not ready to face life

Life is war

  • Someone yells and people freak out
  • Someone calls them a name and the world collapses
  • Someone challenges their opinion or world view and they run off to find “safe spaces” and cry or have a group discussion.

Know there are no safe spaces.

There used to be a few places of safety.

There was a time when schools, hospitals and churches were strictly off limits and attacking one would get you punished by your own group, much less the community.

There was a time that women and children were off limits, but no more.

Terrorists and criminals have no boundaries.

These was a time when law enforcement, teachers and religious leaders were respected.

Then we allowed foolish laws, customer, cultures  and behaviors run rampant without the tempering hand of religion or accountability.

We allowed this.  We are losing the war by not even fighting.

If a change is not made soon our country will be lost.  If YOU do not get prepared and get into the war YOUR country will be lost. And that means your children and grandchildren will live in a country without freedom, without order and without hope.

Life is war.

Recent history has shown that there is no place safe from the attacks of the evil one.  None.

Your safest place in the physical battle is a prepared mind and heart.

A belief in yourself and your ability to survive.  Knowing you and who you are and refusing to yield your life to another.

If they don’t get their way they throw tantrums like a three year old.  The big problem is that adult tantrums burn neighborhoods, flip cars and harm Law enforcement officers.

Then they cry discrimination or oppression when they are arrested

  • Grow up.
  • Learn that life is war
  • Get prepared
  • Toughen up

Realize that words cannot hurt you if you don’t let them

You are in a war.

You will win or lose based on your preparedness and willingness to do what is necessary to win

The greatest war is the one that you cannot see.  It is a spiritual war fought on a different battlefield than the one you walk upon

This is the one battle you win by first surrendering.

Absolute victory requires absolute surrender.

This battle is won when you realize you are not the one who can fight your battle and you fully yield to the King of king – Jesus  Christ.

He has already won the war, it just makes sense to let Him fight your battles for you.

A hero provides a place of safety.

Jesus yielded His life in full surrender to His Father so He could provide you a place of safety.

Jesus can be your Strength, your Shield and your Salvation.

Jesus knows that there are no safe spaces on earth so He yielded His life for the forgiveness of your sins and to provide a level of protection you can never find behind a wall or in a free speech zone.

Your job is to be prepared.  Spiritually, mentally and physically.

God gives you wisdom and expects you to use both common sense and God sense.  Do not make stupid choices and wonder why things went wrong or you experience pain.  That’s the way life works.

  • Life is war.
  • Be ready
  • Be prepared
  • Be tough
  • Follow the right General!
  • Follow Jesus Christ