Praying for Milwaukee and Louisiana this morning. Mercy.

I am horrified as I watched film and looked at photo’s from Milwaukee today. The natural disaster of Louisiana is horrible, but the manmade disaster is beyond simple understanding.

Why? I know the “spark” was an officer involved shooting that we know very little about at this time, but why burn your city? It is you and your neighbors that will reap the added pain of lost revenue and homes.

I am surprised at this, but not shocked. Maybe that should be the biggest surprise. We see this kind of thing far too often.

In a decade and a half where our country faced tremendous loss due to terrorist attacks on our soul, war on several fronts, devastating storms and drought and frightening disease we have chosen division over unity.

When we chose division we chose a path of destruction and downfall. We see this in scale in Milwaukee, Baltimore and other cities across our land.

When we chose division we chose failure. We chose to disallow the rule of law, redemption or recovery.

Matthew 12:25 “Knowing their thoughts, He (Jesus) said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand.” ESV

In our news coverage today we see the results of the division we chose. Cities laid to waste. Government so divided it is not able to complete even the most basic tasks without erupting in partisan/prideful infighting. Loss of respect for authorities both in and outside our country.

America seems to be on the verge of either collapse or civil war.

The time to unite and begin the hard work of restoration and rebuilding is now! Tomorrow will be far too late! Please do not depend on politicians in your city halls, county courthouses, state capitals or Washington D.C. to fix our country! 240 years of downward spiral is what has left us in the predicament we are in today!

Elect better people. Elect patriots. Demand change that reflects the very best America has to offer!

Stand up in your community and demand better.
Stand up in your pulpits and demand better.
Stand up for your Country!

or watch it burn.

Choose unity over self.
Choose humility over pride.
Choose servanthood over arrogance.
Choose to give instead of greed.
Stop demanding your own way.

Love your neighbor.
Love your country.
Love God.