Love and Hypocrisy               Palm Sunday

The people involved here were full of hypocrisy

The crowds were all stirred up!  Cheering and shouting and throwing down clothes and Palm Branches.


They thought they were in the presence of a great man – a prophet.

They just didn’t get it!

Most were cheering because everyone else was cheering.

Some were cheering to “fit in” somewhere

Others were cheering because they saw opportunity for themselves.

They just didn’t get it!

It is possible to get all stirred up for Jesus and still not know who Jesus really is

What would your king be riding on/in?

  • Majestic stead?
  • A Limo or Private plane?

The people missed it!

Jesus rode a young donkey.  Humble

Servant Leader

They were cheering Jesus now…..but we all know that will soon change – quickly and violently

The cheers of praise and peace will soon become “Crucify Him!

The closer Jesus got to the cross the fewer people followed Him

Along the path to His resurrection people peeled away, even those disciples who traveled with Him the longest.

How quickly a politician or powerful leader can turn the people against Christ…..yes, even religious leaders.

Jesus was challenged on the purity of His house, His authority as God, His leadership, His money, His purpose, His Message, and just about everything.

Challenged, plotted against, lied about, ridiculed, violently abused and Murdered by the people of His creation!


Because He loved them!

HE loved them as they worshiped Him

HE loved them as they laid down their cloaks and palms for Him

HE loved them as they attacked everything about them Him

HE loved them as they killed Him

Jesus is LOVE

Let’s be honest, we today, especially in our country where we act most often like SPOILED BRAT CHILDREN !

We demanding everything goes our way; refusing to serve without complaining, doing only what we perceive as the very BARE MINIMUM to get by and wanting everything provided for us!

If EVERYTHING doesn’t go our way we throw a FIT and leave

God’s disobedient, spoiled brat children AND He loves us through it all.

  • He wants better for us.
  • He expects better from us.
  • He has given us everything we need for successful, peaceful lives and lays out the pathway to that blessed life.

We just want Him and all of the “Goodies” without all of that pesky faith, obedience, humility, service and devotion.

We want to BE LOVED, we just are not very good at LOVING HIM!

We Are Hypocrites.

He is LOVE.

He deserves better.

Be better.