Almost midnight on Sunday evening. Church was great today and message for next week off to a great start! You should come by next Sunday at 11 am.

But tonight I reflect and write about an area that has become very dark in our community, and the truth is, around our country. Politics. The elections, the processes, the lawsuits, the crudeness and the mess we seem to find ourselves in on many levels.

One thing that keeps coming to mind is that it is all so unnecessary.

We don’t need to treat each other like this! We live in the same community, drive the same streets, eat at the same restaurants, shop in the same stores and went to the same schools. We should be in harmony. Maybe not playing the same note, but all contributing our voice and coming together in harmony.

I worry about the character of our community. I worry about the image we give others of our community. I wonder how much more division our community can take before it completely breaks down into something we would never want to see or leave for our kids.

I may share my writings for tonight in the coming days, I feel there is much to share, but wonder if there is any heart, any desire, to change the current reality for something different, for anything better.

There has to come a time when a rebuilding and reuniting occurs! A time when we stop demanding our own way and start looking for ways to come together for the common good.

Tonight my heart aches for our community and our country. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can debate and disagree without being destructive.

Please help our community heal. Thanks