December 27, 2015    “Tell Me the Story of Jesus      John 1:1 – 18 

Christmas 2015 has passed. The Christmas tree is empty and the wrapping paper is thrown away. Toys lay scattered, the electronics are charging and the new underwear is washing.

The supply of leftovers is dwindling after a day of turkey or ham sandwiches and potato salad. Many are preparing for a long drive home while many in Texas are looking at blizzard conditions that are coming just a few days too late.

The joy of the holiday is beginning to fade and we realize the Cowboys will play the 6-8 Bills on Sunday. WE begin to realize ONCE AGAIN that the joy of this world is TEMPORARY.

Where do we turn after the holiday flourish of activity has passed and “normality” begins to return?

How about turning to the One whose birthday we just celebrated? Why not turn to the One who is eternal and will never leave you or forsake you? Now is the time to turn to Jesus, the Eternal One of all Creation who has never changed. Turn to the One who loves you! Receive the gift He is offering. Find faith, hope and love.

Tinsel fades, lights burn out, toys break and clothing goes out of style. The stuff of the world passes but Jesus remains. Our eternal King!

What remains long after the tree and the gifts is the message that started it all:  The Story of Jesus

  • Birth is not the beginning
    • Jesus was always here
    • Jesus has always been with God
    • Everything that is was made by Jesus
  • Christmas is just the Word becoming flesh and living among us
    • The beginning has no beginning
    • The Word has always been
      • The end has no ending
      • The Word Is eternal
    • We put up Christmas lights
      • Connie and I saw a display put to music….that involved 5 houses
        • Very cool – but temporary
      • Jesus is Life
        • The life in Jesus is the LIGHT OF MEN
        • He is the LIGHT we need
          • Christmas lights burn out but Christ remains
        • The light of Jesus is for everyone
          • Everyone who will receive – receives
        • We become PEOPLE OF LIGHT
      • Unfortunately, those of THE WORLD do not know Him
        • They DID NOT receive Him
        • They are people of our human WILL of FLESH
        • They are people born of blood
        • They are born of the WILL OF MAN
      • But to all PEOPLE OF THE LIGHT
        • Those that RECEIVED HIM
        • Those that BELIEVED in Him
        • Jesus gave the RIGHT to become the CHILDREN OF GOD
        • We are born again = Born of GOD –  Born of Spirit
      • We have received Grace upon grace
        • We are saved by GRACE alone
          • We did not deserve this Grace
            • It is a GIFT OF LOVE

Tell me the story of Christmas


God wants YOU to love Him and become one of HIS Children

Jesus, God’s Light, came to show the way and provide YOU the PATH to God

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”     – Jesus

If your Christmas only lasts a season, then you should meet the One whose Birthday the holiday celebrates! Go, find Jesus Christ. Emmanuel