Still waiting on Blue Bell. Has anyone seen it anywhere in the RGV? I was just pondering this sad reality and a thought occurred to me! Maybe we could learn a few BIGGER lessons from this tragedy.
Blue Bell stopped producing and shipping all products due to a microscopic “bug” that makes humans very sick. The where and hows are for them and the regulators to determine and release, not me.
Evidently a long process of cleaning, disinfecting and testing ensued and they began releasing Blue Bell again sometime in mid-late August. Have you seen it yet? Some places have, but many have not. Production time, shipping time, market demands, contracts, etc have effected when some communities will once again be able to enjoy their beloved Blue Bell.
BUT…..What if this was not just one company? What if it was not just ice cream?
What if it was milk? Gasoline? What if it was all groceries?
Just as this little “bug” shut down all Blue Bell production, many things could have a dangerous effect on our supply chain.
  • Major storms.
  • Trucking strikes.
  • Labor strikes.
  • Fuel shortages.
  • Civil unrest
  • War
  • and many, many more.
FEMA advises we be prepared to fend for ourselves for three days. 3 days. Not very long. A case of water, some peanut butter, jelly, bread and SPAM. A few days worth of our meds, toilet paper, soap and some sort of phone charging system and we are good.
But, what about longer?
It has been 40 days or so since Blue Bell began to ship and we have none yet! 6 months since the problem was found and response began to deal with the issue. a little bug.
Storms could back up supply chains for weeks. Bridges knocked out, fallen trees and storm debris hindering helicopter landings. Too many hungry people with too little supplies trickling in to meet the needs.
Are you ready?
Remember Hurricanes Katrina and Rita? Two Big storms very close together. Rita came in and hit the very area many Katrina evacuees were sheltered.
Some communities were ready and some were not prepared. We heard much about the unprepared and little about the prepared.
Are you prepared? Are you ready?
We have been trained to depend on the government to meet our needs, in regular life and especially in disaster. This is a dangerous plan. The US Government and state resources will be available but they are huge machines of bureaucracy that takes days to get into motion.
Groups such as the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams can mobilize quickly but need the supplies to have food for the kitchens to prepare and for the American Red Cross to distribute.
The REALITY is that the one with FIRST RESPONSIBILITY of providing for your family, in good times and bad, is you and your family. You are responsible for your safety and security.
Do not depend on others. Have a plan. Have the supplies. Be prepared.
Are you ready?
Still waiting for Blue Bell.
What if the power was out due to a storm and no fuel was able to get in for generators?
How long would the city be able to provide water for everyone? 3 days?
Time after time the Bible tells us to be prepared. For Christ’s return and in everyday life. Do you have oil for your lamps?
Still waiting on Blue Bell. But in the end, I am glad it is only ice cream and only one company.
It could be worse.
I need to get ready.