Luke 7:1 – 10              The text is about Jesus healing the servant

“What’s So Amazing About Grace?”

Much like the 4 men and the paralytic, the centurion was a conduit for the servants healing

  1. The servant- in need of healing grace
    1. Sick and Dying
    2. Valuable/Important
    3. Cared for by his superior
    4. Not much more known
  2. The Centurion
    1. Roman – GENTILE
    2. High ranking – had money/influence/power
      1. Had soldiers serving under him
    3. Not Caesar – Top Rank – BUT POLITICAL
      1. Served under authority
    4. Well to do/resourceful
      1. Built the Jews a Synagogue
    5. Had a good relationship for the Jewish Nation
      1. “he loves our nation”
    6. Cared for his servants
      1. Compassionate
    7. Heard about Jesus and knew his need for Jesus
      1. Sent Jewish elders for Him
        1. An act of humility and/or desperation
        2. Had to be tough since the Jews of the day liked NEITHER ROMANS or JESUS!
      2. We do not how long he had known about Jesus
        1. But sounds recent
        2. ALL To help his servant
  1. He showed a strong faith at first, evidence by the sending for Jesus and the proclamation of Christ; but…..
    1. But it was a NEW wavering/weak faith
      1. Why did he send his friends to tell Jesus not to come into his home?
      2. He spoke of his position as a centurion
        1. Perhaps he feared loss of rank or privilege?
          1. Do we do this today at work?
        2. Perhaps he feared losing the friendship with the Jews?
          1. Do we allow this fear to keep us from allowing Jesus full access?
        3. “”Lord, Don’t trouble Yourself,….”
          1. Are we afraid of “troubling God” with our issues?
  • “I am not worthy to have you come under my roof”
    1. Are we afraid that our sins/lifestyle/issues/problems are too great
    2. Do we FEAR the REJECTION of Jesus?
    3. The TRUTH is that none of us are WORTHY!
    4. WE are made worthy by GRACE alone through FAITH alone in CHRIST alone
  1. Did not think he was worthy to go to Jesus on his own
    1. “I did not presume to come to you”
      1. How many times do we reject Jesus because we think we are not worthy
      2. How many times do we seek the prayers of others while not praying ourselves because we think we are not worthy
      3. How many times do we think Jesus is TOO GREAT or To BIG for us to approach?
      1. He wants you to trust Him and go to Him
      2. You need NO INTERCESSOR other than JESUS
    3. Maybe WE ARE NOT TO DIFFERENT from this Centurion
      1. “But say the Word, and let my Servant be healed”
        1. Just do it Jesus
        2. Don’t come here
      2. The centurion should be glad I’m not Jesus
        1. I wasted all this time traveling to you and now you say, “don’t bother, just do it!”
        2. That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works”
        3. I may have still healed the servant but the centurion just got leprosy!
      3. Jesus
        1. Saw his faith
          1. Even though it was very small
            1. Maybe even a MICROSCOPIC faith
          2. Even when he was weak and afraid
        2. Of Course Jesus could heal the servant from anywhere
        3. But Jesus wants a CLOSE personal relationship
          1. Jesus was willing to GO to the centurion
          2. Jesus was willing to GO to the dying servant
        4. GRACE = Jesus blessing us with what we DO NOT deserve
          1. Christ shows us His grace here
          2. A little faith went a long way
        5. I am reminded that faith the size of a MUSTARD SEED can move mountains
        6. The Centurions Faith reached out to the Grace of God who healed his beloved servant
          1. The servant was healed by GRACE ALONE through FAITH alone in CHRIST alone.
        7. If this Roman Centurion was able to muster the faith to call on Jesus with little instruction or knowledge HOW MUCH GREATER should our faith be!
          1. We have the entire Bible
            1. God’s True and Correct Word
          2. We have the Church, Sunday School, VBS, Revivals, internet, and long winded preachers
  • We have 2,000+ years of church teaching
  1. We have the “Great Cloud of Witnesses” to guide us
  1. So, what’s so AMAZING about Grace?
    1. I think it is because it has so very LITTLE to do with us
    2. I think it is because it has SO MUCH to do with God
      1. We are WEAK
      2. He is STRONG
  • We have FAILED
  1. He brings VICTORY
  2. We are ashamed and try to separate ourselves from His RIGHTOUSNESS
  3. He will NEVER LEAVE His Children
  1. The centurions wavering faith was little, but enough.
    1. He may have had a MICROSCOPIC FAITH
      1. But Jesus has SPECIAL EYES!
      2. God knows and sees!
      3. God does not need Grandiose GESTURES
      4. God requires FAITH
        1. even if it is small
      6. Yet we, like this centurion, have a weak and undeveloped faith.
        1. A faith that God can use, YES
        2. But a faith that could move mountains if developed just a little
  • A faith God could use to CHANGE THE WORLD if further developed
  1. Isn’t it good to hear that God’s grace is greater than our weak or wavering faith?
  1. What is so AMAZING about GRACE? GOD!
    1. GRACE that brought Jesus to us AND the CROSS
    2. GRACE that speaks to us HERE AND NOW
    3. Have you heard about Jesus? Call for HIM!