Law Enforcement Lives Matter

Have you ever stopped and pondered what our country would be like if there were no Law Enforcement professionals to stand between the law abiding citizens and those who would seek to steal from us, harm us or kill us?

What if there was no one to answer your 911 call or no Officers to respond?

Anarchy? Chaos? A total collapse of our society UNTIL someone or a group of someone took a stand for what is right and good and formed a police force to protect their lives and property.

We have all seen the headlines and social media posts about the war on the brave men and women of our Law Enforcement Community. It breaks my heart to see those who are willing to stand between my family and evil attacked for serving the very people who are attacking them.

So very few people have the pride of community and the True Grit to place themselves in harm’s way for their community. A very limited number of people are willing to head into the danger zone while we run and hide. We need each and every one of them and more!

If these attacks continue I am afraid that more and more of these brave men and women will turn in their badge and walk away from their duty for their own safety and the safety of their families.

Who would blame them? It is much safer to work in the oil field, in an office or even at a fast food restaurant than in a Police Cruiser.

Their community complains when they do their job, gossips about their lives, calls them all corrupt (Yes, I know a very small percentage are, but in smaller numbers that the criminals) and works to see their budgets cut and salaries reduced.

We reap the benefits of their presence then complain about that very presence in our communities. All of this BEFORE radicals begin attacking them.

How long would you stay?

The men and women who make up the “Thin Blue Line” that separates us from evil chaos are deserving of our respect, appreciation and funding.

What can we do?

1.    Pray for our Law Enforcement and their families.

2.    Encourage them with your words and support. If you see an officer eating at a restaurant in uniform maybe pay for their meal or send a Thank You letter to their local office.

3.    Ask your elected officials to fully fund their salaries, overtime and equipment needs. Send letters to the editor or to your Mayor/County Judge to express your appreciation for the good work your Law Enforcement Agency is doing.

4.    Watch their backs…RESPONSIBLY! If you see an officer getting fuel, out of their vehicle on a stop or any other location look around and if you see anything suspicious TELL THEM! They have the training and equipment to deal with most situations if they just know a problem exists. Be Responsible! DO NOT grab your 30-30 and run up to the officer saying you are there for them! We don’t need their lives complicated any more than they already are! Just be an extra set of eyes and a potential warning system for them.

5.    If you are stopped be polite and respectful. The officer has no idea what kind of danger may exist for them at any stop they make in the line of duty. Do everything in your power to let them know you are not a threat to them. The road side is not the place for a Constitutional argument (or any argument), the courtroom is the right place for that debate.

6.    Teach your kids that they are there to Protect and Serve our communities, not the “bad guys” who will take them to jail if they do not eat their broccoli!

7.    Stand for Law Enforcement and be bold in condemning those who would call for their harm!

We NEED the brave men and women of our Law Enforcement Community!