This was quickly written (before I forgot it) so is more of a word puke than a full devotional.

I attended a meeting the other day that was expecting more people than actually attended. Maybe not that unusual, but I saw something that spoke very clearly.

You see, there was pizza.

I like pizza, as did the other attendees. But, we did not like pizza enough to eat all the pizza that was provided since enough was purchased for more people.

There were pizza leftovers. Those that didn’t come lost out on their pizza…and a great devotional and meeting time.

How much are we leaving behind because we simply don’t show up?

We didn’t show up for Sunday School so we left a bunch of fellowship and Bible Study on the table.

We didn’t show up for church and left a pile of faithfulness on the table.

We didn’t show up for a church workday, Community Outreach or Relief Ministry and left our work on the table for someone else to pick up.

When we don’t show up for God we leave His blessings laying on the table for someone else to pick up and receive. Your loss is their gain.

Left over pizza is a sad thing, but it can be reheated later. The things we leave over from God can be reclaimed, revived, re-strengthened and rebuilt. We just need to show up, pick them up and move forward.

Please don’t leave God’s Blessings on the table for others to pick up in your place.