Friends                       Luke 5:17 – 26

·         We Need Godly Friends

  • We need a Paul
    • A Mentor – Someone to build into our lives
  • We need a Barnabas
    • An Encourager
    • Someone to Walk with us
  • We need a Timothy
    • Someone we can take under our wing and mentor
    • Someone to encourage and teach the ways of God

o    We need lostfriends

    • People who need Jesus
    • Share the Gospel
    • Lead to Jesus
    • Be the very presence of Christ in their lives
      • There are believers out there who turn away from or SHUN non-believers
        • They act like the World
        • They are Sinners
        • They don’t act, think or smell like we do
          • DUH
        • How can we even EXPECT a lost person to act like a BLOOD BOUGHT BORN AGAIN BELIEVER?
        • They need Jesus
    • We CANNOT be obedient and faith to the Word of God if we do not develop lost friends
      • We need to be very cautions that we are not changed by them (in the WORLD but not OF the WORLD)
        • We don’t want to be PULLED DOWN
        • We want to LIFT THEM UP!

§  We need TRUEfriends

    • Friends who will go above and beyond “NORMAL”
      • Hold us accountable friends
      • Tell us the truth friends
      • Sacrifice their life for you friends
      • Break through a roof for you friends
    • Friends who know they may be able to fix a roof BUT ONLY JESUS can fix their friend
  • We also need to be this kind of friends to others
    • Would you tear down the roof of your neighbor’s house if it meant you could get a friend to Jesus?
    • Today, most will not even knock on their door
  • What WON’T you do for a friends?
    • We have all heard the commercial jingle “What would you do for a Klondike Bar?”
      • What would you do for a friend – FOR FREE
    • REAL FRIENDS are hard to find
      • They should be CHERISHED

§  We need“A” Friend who is willing and able to do ABOVE and BEYOND what any man or groupof men can do!

      • Can see beyond our physical needs
      • Can see through the hurt and pain on the surface
      • Can see our true needs
        • Can heal and restore
          • Inside and out
          • Presently and eternally
        • Can leave you in AWE!   (AWESOME is overused and weakened)
        • A Friend who will always point you to His Heavenly Father
      • We NEED Jesus
        • We need to be a TRUE FRIEND to AND for Jesus