Temptation    Luke 4:1 – 13

  1. Jesus had to be tempted (Hebrews 2:18)
    1. Just as we are tempted
    2. God led Jesus into the wilderness of temptation
      1. I have lived in this wilderness many times
        1. Every time I drive by DQ….
      2. The devil tempted Jesus in several ways
        1. The devil attacked the IDENTITY of Jesus!
          1. If you are the Son of God,
          2. I am not sure about you, but when people start challenging who I am as a man, as a husband, as a dad, as a Pastor, as a person – I get a might RILED UP
  • Not Jesus. He is a better HUMAN than I could ever be!
  1. The devil attacked the FLESH of Jesus!
    1. His physical need
      1. Food when hungry
      1. Pie, Cake, Blizzards
      2. Steak, Pizza
      3. Alcohol, drugs
      4. Work or Hobbies
      5. Damaging Relationships, porn,
      6. Addictions
      7. Whatever gets your flesh half excited and pushed back the Spiritual side
        1. MORE of you and LESS of God
  • How effective are you against temptation when you are hungry or have another physical needs?
  1. If I am hungry – especially 40 DAYS HUNGRY – and you offer me food you had best hope your arm is still attached when you pull it back!
  2. When our flesh is weak we are WEAK IN OTHER AREAS as well.
  3. When we are HungrySickTiredStressed
    2. NOT JESUS
  • We should understand our SPIRITUAL STATUS
    1. We should have SPIRITUAL FUEL GAUGES and check them often!
  • Jesus told the devil “NO!”
  1. Jesus rightly used SCRIPTURE to fight temptation
  1. The devil attacked the LOYALTY of Jesus!
    1. His desire for POWER
    2. Will Jesus keep His priorities right?
  • Will Jesus seek to usurp His Dad to become god?
    1. This is part of what got the devil in trouble
  1. Humans tend to be POWER HUNGRY
    1. We want to be king
    2. We want to be the boss
    3. My way or the highway
      1. Work, family, church
    4. Jesus told the devil “NO!”
      1. He already had authority over everything
      2. Jesus responded with Godly/Righteous WORSHIP
    5. Jesus rightly used God’s Word to fight temptation
  2. The devil attacked the INTEGRITY of Jesus
    1. His Pride
  • “If you are…”
    1. “PFT – You gonna have to SHOW ME!”
      1. Go ahead
    2. He is tempting His very Godhood
    3. Would Jesus break down and jump off just to prove who He is?
      1. Would You?
    4. Jesus told the devil “NO!”
      1. He had no need to test God – He is God
  • Jesus rightly used SCRIPTURE to fight temptation
  1. The devil will MISUSE scripture to tempt and trick you
  2. We need to know scripture well enough to RESIST THE DEVIL and see him flee