Luke 3:1 – 14              “Git “Er Done”

  1. God is Coming
    1. The Day of the Lord is at Hand
    2. “The axe is laid to the root of the trees”
  2. God ain’t happy
    1. We have messed up
    2. We ALL have sinned – We are sinners
    3. We need to understand our REALITY
  3. God is giving us an opportunity/a Chance to CHANGE
    1. He has sent messengers to bring this message
      1. “Prepare the way of the Lord”
    2. He has given His Word to bring this warning
    3. He has put the knowledge of Himself inside you
      1. So there can be no excuses
    4. Whether you are a tax collector, a soldier or another part of the crowd
      1. EVERYONE has areas of spiritual failure our lives
        1. We have areas where we fall WAY short of what God expects
        2. We have weak areas
        3. We fall short of God’s Word, God’s Will and Gods Plan for us
      2. GIT ‘ER DONE – FIX IT NOW
        1. The real issue is that WE DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE
          1. We would rather make excuses
            1. “But My Family has been part of this church for decades”
            2. But, I have always God to Church…”
            3. But, God is a loving God and He made me, why should I change…”
            4. But, the DOG ate my repentance…”
          2. God is neither fooled or swayed by our excuses
        2. The need to change something should not be frightening or ignored
        3. We all have things in our life that need removed, changed or tuned
        4. The time to wait to change has past
        5. This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER
          1. Recognize your weaknesses, failures and sins
          2. THEN CHANGE while there is time
  • Do not let time expire without CHANGING TO JESUS
  1. Don’t waste any more time on self – GET MORE JESUS
  1. No Excuses
    1. You CAN and MUST change
    2. There is no eternal life without a repented change
    3. If God can change OLD, HARD ROCKS He can change you!
    4. DO not make God change ROCKS
    5. LET HIM
    6. Turn to God and away from self
      1. More of Him and less of you
      2. NOW! Go!        What are you waiting for?
    7. The way of the Lord is prepared
      1. Will You Walk in His path?
    8. GIT ER DONE!