When Camo doesn’t Work                 Luke 1:57 – 56

(Camo Day at FBC)

  1. Camouflage is used to hide in the woods when you are hunting
    1. Or as a fashion statement
  2. I know some of you have hid away some presents for your family members.
    1. I usually find a few sometime in July
  3. This time of year it is easy to “hide” being a Christian
    1. It seems the whole world is putting on Christian Camo
      1. Even those who reject Christianity want to be accepted
      2. Even those who try to drive out the Bible and our Beliefs like to get presents
    2. This is a time of year that we TRUE Christians need to be more vocal with the TRUE REASON FOR THE SEASON
      1. So all the fakers camouflaged around us can hear the truth and be exposed.
      2. So a lost world can hear the REAL MEANING OF THE SEASON
      3. So we can be FAITHFUL to our calling as BELIEVERS
    3. You cannot hide when you are “With Child”
      1. It becomes obvious to everyone soon
    4. You may try to hide who you are
      1. But God knows your name
      2. Everything about you is obvious to God
      3. The truth of your heart is obvious to God
    5. You may not know what to do
      1. But God knows your purpose
      2. The plan for your life is obvious to God
    6. You may try to hide behind the traditions of your family/religion
      1. But God is Sovereign God and He may be up to something new
      2. God sees you in Spirit and in Truth
    7. You may try to camouflage your life from God
      1. But His hand is with you
      2. Your location is obvious to God
      3. Your direction is obvious to God