Well, Cold weather has come to Rio Grande city; well, cold for us anyway.  I remember back in the late summer begging for cool weather, I mean 115 degrees???  Really?  Let’s cool this down a bit!

I guess we humans are never happy, even when we get exactly what we want!

It is hot and we want cold.  It is cold and we want hot.

It is dry and we pray for rain.  It rains and we complain about the rain.

We are a strange and double minded people.

We seek God and His guidance but complain when God doesn’t do things our way.                                                               We want eternal life but are disappointed that we have to obtain it God’s way.                                                                        We want the blessings of the Almighty but complain when He asks for obedience.                                                                We want the unconditional love of Christ but refuse to love Him the same way.

We are indeed a self-centered and arrogant people.  If it cannot be our way then it is wrong and we will not be involved.

God says innocent life is precious but we want abortions and support political candidates that are for them.

Our ancestors went through the process of becoming citizens legally and assimilated into the American “Melting Pot” but now we want to allow illegals to have free entry and force the “melting pot” to be poured out into their form alone.

A drunk kills someone and it is their fault and responsibility; someone shoots someone else and it is the guns fault.

Tobacco and alcohol kills millions and we fight to keep them legal (and lets add weed to the mix while we are at it); guns are used to kill hundreds and they are the most evil invention ever.

We are indeed a double minded and illogical people.

Bring on the cold, I will put on a coat, because that is what reasonable people do.  We do not blame carbon, fuss at the sun or create taxes.

I will seek to be a good citizen, pay my taxes, serve where I can and be prepared to defend my country, my family and my self; because that is what reasonable people do.

I will worship God and try to glorify Him in all I do, even if He does things His way and not mine.  I mean, He is God and a whole lot smarter, stronger and more able than me.  I will yield to Him in all things because that is what reasonable people do.

Rant over….???