November 16th   – Preparing for Christmas Series   FAITH

Luke 1:26 – 38

  1. Stay Pure
    1. Mary was a Virgin
      1. She kept her most precious gift for her husband
    2. Had a boyfriend and Fiancé – but they were not married
      1. So they waited
      2. They remained pure before each other, their families and each other
    3. Stay Close
      1. Mary is called most favored
        1. God considered her His child
          1. Just like He does each of His children
        2. Mary was called to a very specific and difficult task
          1. Just like we are today
        3. Stay Receptive/Open
          1. Listen
          2. Seek
          3. Ok to be troubled
            1. Challenges are…well challenging
            2. The hard things are…well hard
              1. If we could do these things we would not need God
              2. God gives us GOD SIZED purposes and assignments
            3. Ok to ask questions
              1. God is big enough o answer you
            4. Ok to ponder
              1. Think, Pray, Dwell, Study, Ask others – seek wise counsel, etc
              2. Stop and pray
            5. Stay Obedient
              1. Even when you don’t understand
              2. Even when the task is hard
              3. Even when it may bring the shame and ridicule of the world upon you
              4. Mary chose the pathway of AGREEMENT and OBEDIENCE
                1. Look God, I am YOUR servant
                2. Let it be according to your word
              5. Stay Focused
                1. From this moment on Mary’s life became focused on Jesus Christ
                  1. Her Baby
                  2. Her Son
                  3. Her LORD
                    1. IS YOURS?