11-2-2014   – Luke 1:1 – 4  Be Certain at Christmas

In late September I was in the garden Center of Wal-Mart and noticed that they had started bringing out their CHRISTMAS items!  September

I was in there again a week or so ago and found that they no longer have a garden department – they have a CHRISTMAS DEPARTMENT!  October and everything was out – OCTOBER

At this rate we may be celebrating Easter in December and New Years in May!

I got to thinking – if the world is getting ready for Christmas already; maybe we should be preparing our hearts for Christmas as well

We want to make sure we focus on the Real reason for the CHRIST-mas Season – CHRIST

Today we begin a journey into the Book of Luke.  Today we begin to prepare for Christmas.

This is a picture of a Warning Sign at South Padre Island.  It is there to warn you what the surf conditions are and to warn you about the danger you will face in the water.

Green – Yellow – Red    Good – Caution – Danger

We need something like this for our life!  Wouldn’t that be nice?

WAIT!  Maybe we do:  We call it THE BIBLE

  1. The Bible is the written account of many people recording God’s Word, Work and Witness in their Community.
    1. Oral traditions
    2. Notes and sermons
    3. Written History
    4. Eye Witnesses
      1. This is what they have observed and seen
    5. The Bible is the written Promises of God
      1. Written down for you
    6. We should CAREFULLY read and investigate God’s Word
      1. Make notes and journals for ourselves and those that will come after us.
        1. How did God work in YOUR life?
        2. What did GOD say to You?
  • What did His Word mean to YOU?
  1. The WORD and our WORK in the WORD will work together to build us, reassure us, encourage us and teach us THE TRUTH OF GOD.
    1. Then we should go share HIS WORD with others.

A lot of research, observation and scientific work went into those surf warning signs; work that is used along with the work of men and women on the beach to apply their knowledge and share their findings with you in hopes of keeping you from danger.

We should do the same with God’s Word!

As we begin our trek towards Christmas, let us turn to the Word of God for our TRUTH and share it with the WORLD BEFORE we get overrun with consumerism, debt and flashing lights.

Just because the flag is green does not mean you can go wild and run all willy nilly.

There are still precautions to take ….. Rules  to follow …. Common sense to apply ….

The same goes with God and His Word…. Just because we are doing good now does not mean we can go wild or do what we want….. There are rules to follow …. Common sense to apply …. The Word to follow

Always begin with the Word of God then move cautiously onward and upward.