2 Kings 5:1 – 14                     Trust God’s Ways

We all have problems. Health/Financial/Family/Relational/ and more.

    1. Having trouble does not make you unique
      1. It makes you NORMAL
    2. There are approximately 7.25 BILLION people alive right now with trouble of one thing or another
      1. We live in a world INFESTED with problems
      2. This world is far from perfect
    3. Where is God?
      1. Right here amongst all 7 billion PLUS of us
      2. I believe God listens and has answers for us about our problems. He is speaking through His Word, His Church, Prayer and in those issues.
        1. God is doing more than we give Him credit for!
        2. God is working
  • Miracles happen every day
    1. Do we see them?
    2. Do we accept them?
  1. I do not think the problem is that God is away on vacation and we are left all alone.
    1. I think the problem is that WE ACT LIKE GOD IS NOT HERE AND WE ARE ALL ALONE
  2. We read the Bible, we listen to God’s spokesmen
    1. We refuse to follow what God tells us we should do
    2. We reject the good
    3. We embrace our problems and shrug
  3. The question is are we listening and looking for His Word?
    1. If we find His answer are we following Him with Faith?
    2. If not we are rejecting Him, His Word and His Promises
  4. We are just like Naaman
    1. He was told there was a Prophet of God who could help
    2. He obtained permission to go seek the Prophet
    3. He made the Journey
    4. He sought permission to see the Prophet
    5. He saw and heard the Prophet speak God’s Word
    6. Got angry and rejected the Prophet and Word of God
      1. He said he could have done that at home
      2. He said it was foolish – “Why should I have to do that?”
  • He wanted the MAGIC SHOW
  1. He wanted the EASY WAY
  2. He wanted the BLESSING without the FAITH
  1. Left with more problems that when he arrived
    1. Arrived a Leper with some glimmer of hope
    2. Left an angry leper who had rejected that hope
  2. This is a good word for all of us to know, accept and follow the Word of God
  3. There is also a good word for us believers to be encouragers for hurting people.
    1. Too often we turn away from those who are hurting
    2. They are Lepers, we do not want see them OR touch them
    3. In Naaman’s case it was his servants who were the voice of faith and encouragement
      1. God has said this! Why will you not follow?
    4. Naaman followed the Word of God as given by the Prophet of God as he was encouraged to by the people of God and he was healed by the power and love of God.
    5. Many of us have been challenged by the Word of God to be obedient and faithful
      1. Maybe by our scripture reading
      2. Maybe by our prayers
      3. Maybe in Sunday School by our teachers or church family
      4. Maybe by our Worship service
      5. Maybe by the message of a pastor/Preacher/Evangelist Maybe in the circumstances we find ourselves in and know what we should do
    6. What is keeping us from faithful obedience?
      1. What are we doing to reject God’s best for our lives?
        1. Baptism? Prayer? Sharing? Love?
        2. What act of love and obedience are we angry about?
          1. WHY?
        3. God has given us so very, very much
          1. He has loves us too much to now reject and walk away
          2. EMBRACE GOD and HIS WORD and find HEALING