What God can do                    1 Kings 18:20 – 46


A four-year-old girl had to have an x-ray taken at the medical office where I worked. She had been in an accident with her bicycle and the doctor was afraid she may have broken her wrist.

The girl, however, was very concerned about the procedure, and no matter how her mother tried to calm her, she kept putting up quite a fuss as we led her into the x-ray facility.

When she came out a few minutes later, however, she was calm and all smiles. “They just took a picture of my bones,” she explained to her mother.

“Yes, dear,” her mom replied. “I told you it was easy. Did everything go well?”

“Yup. It was great!” the child exclaimed. “I didn’t even have to take my skin off or anything!”


How many things in our world are we afraid of because we either don’t know anything that is going to happen or we do not trust the ones who are involved


  1. You will never know everything
    1. I know that it is tough to hear that; BUT Deal with it
    2. Reality may hurt, but it is reality
    3. God is able to do WAY BEYOND what our feeble minds can invent.
    4. Elijah did not know everything: BUT Elijah knew God
      1. Elijah knew God was able to do more than he understood
      2. But, this face off with false prophets was new territory.
      3. Elijah did not know what God would do
        1. but He know God
      4. Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith
        1. Medical stuff is scary, but things like X-rays, Mammograms, surgery, Chemo, stress tests, etc. are important.
        2. Go ahead
          1. The news may be good and off you go
          2. The news may be bad but now you know
            1. Either way, you are better off knowing the truth
          3. Elijah had a faith that was built by a life of Faith
          4. He had seen God do mighty things
          5. He had seen God do exactly what He said He would do
          6. He KNEW God is trustworthy
          7. Elijah had a FAITH built FAITH – MATURE FAITH
        3. No matter what is going on you can have faith in the One who made you!
          1. God is TRUSTWORTHY
          2. Have Faith in God, even in tough times: He ain’t done yet
        4. What will it take for you to admit God is Lord?
          1. Today, we are “manufactured” with the Truth of God built into our operating system. (Romans 1)
            1. We know there is a creator
            2. We know there is a greater power
  • We know His invisible hand is at work
  1. The question is whether or not we will believe, honor and praise God as Lord. (Romans 1)
  1. How long will you go limping between two different opinions?
    1. CHOOSE
    2. To not make a choice is to choose false gods and destruction
  • If the Lord is God then Choose Him
    1. With all your heart, soul and mind.
  1. There is no fence to straddle
    1. Yes or No
    2. Believe or do not believe
    3. God or Ba’al
  2. Here we see you have a choice
    1. But know the results
      1. Life or death
      2. Miracle or disaster
      3. Heaven or Hell
    2. You know what God can do
      1. BELIEVE!