Ruth – Our Need for Relationships that mean something


The Book of Ruth teaches us how important it is to have real, committed relationships with other people and Jesus Christ.


  1. Naomi had lost her husband and her sons
    1. Means Ruth lost her husband
    2. Most would have went home to their own parents
      1. Protection, support, love
    3. Ruth and Orpah said they wanted to stay with Naomi
      1. Even when she went back to Judah
    4. Eventually Orpah did go back to her parents – at Naomi’s urging
  2. Ruth was committed to Naomi
    1. She devoted her life to the care of her mother in law!
      1. Where you go I go
      2. Where you live I live
  • Your people are my people
  1. Your God will be my God
  2. Where you die I die
  1. How we keep our relationships in challenging times and/or with challenging people SHOWS the truth of our love for them.
  2. While foraging (gleaning) for food one day Ruth met Boaz
    1. Boaz was a relative of her husbands
      1. Her husband was dead now
    2. Boaz was older than Ruth
      1. He first called her daughter
    3. He helped her
    4. He protected her
    5. He provided for her
    6. He blessed her
  3. Many times God cares for His people in unusual ways
    1. But provide for us He does
  4. Ruth and Boaz developed a relationship based on the customs of their day and the leading of God
  5. Boaz redeemed Naomi
    1. Relatives had first right to redeem the property and family of a lost relative
      1. They paid the price for their land and heritage to stay in the family
    2. There was a closer relative who had “first rights” to redemption
      1. But, he bailed on that responsibility and passed his right to Boaz.
    3. Boaz redeemed Naomi, and took Ruth to be his wife in the process
      1. And they had kids and multiplied
    4. A couple of things to catch in this text
      1. Everyone was nice, decent and respectful
      2. They were always saying words of blessing to each other
      3. Sometimes those closest to us will let us down
        1. we need to give our relatives a break
        2. They are not perfect – EITHER
          1. I do not think less of Orpah for going home
          2. It sounds like Naomi was not always a joy to be around either – at least after losing her husbands and sons
          3. Sometimes they leave us hanging
  • Love them anyway
    1. Just as you would want to be treated – TREAT THEM
      1. Sometimes that means sacrifice
      2. Sometimes that means to be tough
      3. Sometimes that means to yield
      4. Sometimes that means to serve’
      5. Sometimes it means you say “No”
    2. It is sometimes necessary for us to make sacrifices for family – others
    3. We all need a KINSMAN REDEEMER
      1. Ours is Jesus Christ
        1. He is willing to pay the price for our redemption
        2. He will provide for His children
        3. He will protect His children
        4. He will bless His children
        5. He is willing to step up and be for us when no one else will
      2. Please do not be like Orpah and leave – forsake your opportunity to be “taken under God’s Wing”
        1. Sheltered
        2. Fed
        3. Cared for
      3. With God you are more than a relative!
        1. I have relatives I have never met
          1. I have some I wish I had not met
          2. There are some that wish they had never met me either!
        2. When a creation of God becomes a Child of God we become more than a relative
          1. We become part of a COMMITTED FAMILY!