Joseph and his colored robe   Gen 37 and on

 We often talk of Joseph and the “Coat of many colors” his Daddy gave him.  But, this story is not about a robe Joseph got from his dad.

 This is a story about how dysfunctional and hurtful relationships can become – even in families, community and government

This is a story about bully’s and how they hurt people

 Yet, through all of the hurt we see here, this is a story of VICTORY

This is a story about staying strong and trusting God’s Vision

This is a story about God at work in our hardest times

 Joseph was bullied by his brothers, his dad, his leaders – and their wives. Why?

    • Because Daddy loved him more
      • Because of his youth – Verse 3
        • Many of his brothers were much, much older
      • Joseph came from a broken/multi- generational home
        • 12 kids from 4 moms and 1 dad
          • There was going to be some trouble
        • Because he was a tattle tale – V2
        • Because he had a God given vision – a purpose V8
        • Because he spoke out – maybe too much V8
        • Because of His looks 39:6
        • Because he was moral/righteous 39:7

 Even Reuben, the brother who tried to save him was a bully

    • He knew what was going to happen and did nothing
    • Oh, He made a plan to sneak around, be a secret friend/ally, and save Joseph – But it blew up in his face and Joseph was sold as a slave. HE REALLY DID NOTHING TO HELP!

 How was he bullied?

    • Talked about and Conspired against
    • Thrown in a hole and Sold into slavery
    • Reported as dead
    • Stalked and hunted
    • Lied about – brothers and Potiphar’s Wife
    • Thrown into prison falsely charged – 2 years
    • Used for what he had to offer
  • Did Joseph DESERVE to be treated this badly?
    • He may not have been perfect but to have his family plot to kill him and sell him into slavery? NO!!!
    • To be unjustly accused and condemned? NO!!!

 I am sure there were times Joseph wanted to:

    • Give up on God
    • Give in to the temptation to get along to get along
    • Give out – worn out from the ridicule and horrid treatment
  • If Joseph would have ran away he would have missed the greatest blessings of his life


  • God took all of the bullying that Joseph received and used it for His good purpose
    • Joseph was protected even if it was in a hole, a cell or palace)
    • His family was cared for
    • His country was fed
    • His family was restored
    • The lies were brought to truth

 Maybe you have been or are being bullied

Maybe you are on the verge of giving up

Learn a lesson from Josephs live

    • This world has a habit of pouring out tough times
      • Use them to Make you stronger and Build your FAITH
      • Allow God to turn what the world meant for evil into GOOD (DO NOT STAY IN THE HOLE)
        • Build relationships with those God puts in your path (baker and cup bearer)
        • Work hard to succeed even if everyone seems to be working against you!
        • God is standing with you even if everyone else is standing against you! YOU NEVER HAVE TO STAND ALONE