Tell Me The Old, Old Story – David and Goliath – 1 Samuel 17

• David was doing what his parents said – staying out of the battle tending sheep and making deliveries.
• David was doing what his friends expected – doing what he was told
• David was doing what everyone else was doing
• David was doing what his leaders/government told him to do
• David was doing everything right. Completely wrong

You might be living a good life and completely missing the great victory God has for you.

The status quo only works you keep you average

If you never develop the faith to defeat your giants you will never reach beyond the background of life.

David could have stayed right where he was, doing what he had been doing. But God had a bigger plan.

Finally David took a stand and put aside what his family, government and everybody else expected of him and did what God told him he could do and saved his people

If you think about it, this is the very model of what our Founding Fathers did more than 238 years ago.

• They knew that what the government was making them do was wrong.
• They knew the way they were being treated were wrong.
• They tired of “going along to get along”
• They tired of the “Status Quo”
• They stood up to their “Goliath” – the British Empire
• They didn’t have to fight or rebel.
o They could have just accepted what was given them and lived out their lives as SUBJECTS instead of FREE PEOPLE
• But something in the very thread of their character said “NO! ENOUGH” so they Declared Independence and went to war.

Our Founding Fathers stood up against the biggest powerhouse on the planet at the time and WON!

Nobody thought they had a chance, but they had a secret weapon – a NUCLEAR ARSENAL that Britain did not have.

They had faith.

They had seen God do so much in their lives and in their new lives on these shores that they KNEW the VICTORY was already won.

And it was.

David broke through the expectations of the world and defeated his giant following Gods dynamic plan.

What has God got planned for you?

What are you simply ACCEPTING as “NORMAL” when God has something much better for you?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, living the status quo of a fallen rat race world?



• He delivered David.
• He delivered our Founders
• He will deliver you

Who is your giant that he should defy the armies of the Living God?
DEFEATED, that is what he is.
Live Like This Victory