July 2014

The Purge  – Noah and the Ark

I started to take the easy way out with this text and talk about salvation and rainbows….the warm and fuzzy message we all know and love.  God saved the people and the animals – 2 by 2 – and the dove brought back a fig leaf and they all went on to live happily ever after.

Or I could have talked about the immense size and proportions of the Ark, how God designed it perfectly to save and deliver its most precious cargo of righteous people and animals.  We could have looked at its dimensions, capabilities and where it finally came to rest. 

We could learn of the scientific explorations and the millions upon millions of dollars that have been spent trying to find the Ark.

But this is not the true heart of this story.

Yes, God did deliver and save all of humanity and critterdom with a

boat He designed and asked Noah to build.

And the Ark?  A vessel.  A tool.  Made of wood and pitch by human hands.  There is nothing magic about the Ark or its rotted framework.

The search of the Ark has wasted time, strength and money and has become a FALSE GOD to many who are obsessed with its location.

The truth is much darker.  The message for us much harder to grasp.

Much like the real Grimm’s Fairy tales were not the ones read to us when we were little.

This is a story about THE PURGE

  • God killed every living person on the face of the earth except the few on the boat.

o   Some estimate this number at around 10 BILLION people (they lived much longer then)

o   Another group think there may have been a few million           

o   Some say the number would have been around 3 BILLION

  • The reality is that WE DO NOT KNOW this number
  • But any way you slice figure it – THIS WAS A HERD OF PEOPLE
  • Why?  The people were living unrighteous lives

o   They lived for themselves

o   They lived for their pleasure

  • Why Noah?  He was the most righteous one alive

o   He must have shared his faith with his family

  • It is important that parents take the Spiritual Formation of their family seriously
  • What about everyone else?

o   Dead.

o   The purge was complete

  • Everyone not on the boat, well – missed the boat
  • Will this happen again?

o   No.  Well, not by flood anyway

o   But there will come a time of THE PURGE

  • One day God will once again set his people apart as he brings judgment onto the world

o   Will you be found righteous?

  • The righteous will be protected
  • They will be safe
  • They will be removed from the coming purge

o   Will you be found unrighteous?

o   Do you know the difference?

  • JESUS.
  • You may be one second from being purged.

o   None of us know when God will choose to call us

o   Maybe we are one second away

o   Maybe we are 40 days away

o   Maybe we are years or decades away

  • We do not know.

o   What we do know, like Noah knew, is that it is coming

o   What we do know, like Noah knew, is that we better be ready

  • Prepared
  • Not with guns, bullets or stockpiled bacon and beans
  • Ready, like Noah, with RIGHTOUSNESS
    • Ready with Jesus
    • He will keep you safer longer than any ark


Isaiah 41:8-13 “But you, [Israel,my servant, Jacob,whom I have chosen, the offspring of Abraham,my friend; you whom I took from the ends of the earth, and calledfrom its farthest corners, saying to you, “You aremy servant, I have chosen you and not cast you off”]; fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you withmy righteous right hand. Behold, all who are incensed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; those who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish. You shall seek those who contend with you, but you shall not find them; those who war against you shall be as nothing at all. For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.” ESV

I am not sure who submitted this text for our series, or if they are here today – BUT THANK YOU – this text spoke to me in a dark time

  1. There will be times when we:

    1. Are afraid – feeling fear or anxiety; frightened.

      1. You may be afraid of bats, clowns, dark, etc

    2. Are dismayed struck with fear, dread, or consternation

      1. Beat with the fear bat

      2. It is one thing to be afraid of clowns

        1. It is quite another to be surrounded by 1,000 clowns–evil clowns…Zombie clowns

      3. It is one thing to be afraid of drowning – it is another to be lost at sea in a small raft

    3. Are weak – not strength, no power, no energy

    4. Need lifted up – can’t stand on our own

    5. Need help – render aid or assistance; to change for the better

      1. Intervention is required

  2. These are the times we need God in an emergency kind of way

    1. We all need Doctors from time to time

      1. Some of us take the meds they prescribe on a daily basis

      2. BUT, there are times we need an EMERGENCY PHYSICIAN

      3. These are crisis events

    2. We need God everyday

      1. We need His love, His Grace, His presence

      2. We need the prescription of faith, hope and love He has given us

      3. BUT there are times when we need a HEAVENLY EMERGENCY INTERVENTION

      4. These are crisis events

  3. God is Who we need in our most disastrous moments

    1. He will be there

      1. He will remove our fear

      2. He will strengthen us

      3. He will HELP us

        1. Render aid or assistance – yes

        2. Change things for the better

    2. He will Hold Our Hand

      1. Lift us up

      2. Lead us through the darkest of valleys

        1. Help keep us from running away – AMUK

        2. Help keep us pointed in the right direction – no matter how hard we may fight against Him

      3. Launch us once again – walk with us

        1. But He will never be far away

          1. He is with you

            1. As close as your next breath

          2. He will NEVER leave one of His Children behind

          3. He will never give up on you

            1. There are no “LOST CAUSE” Christians

              1. Accountability stinks sometimes

              2. Sin separates

              3. He is still our God

          4. God will never STOP LOVING YOU

    3. He is the One who helps us



fear bat

Tell Me The Old, Old Story – David and Goliath – 1 Samuel 17

• David was doing what his parents said – staying out of the battle tending sheep and making deliveries.
• David was doing what his friends expected – doing what he was told
• David was doing what everyone else was doing
• David was doing what his leaders/government told him to do
• David was doing everything right. Completely wrong

You might be living a good life and completely missing the great victory God has for you.

The status quo only works you keep you average

If you never develop the faith to defeat your giants you will never reach beyond the background of life.

David could have stayed right where he was, doing what he had been doing. But God had a bigger plan.

Finally David took a stand and put aside what his family, government and everybody else expected of him and did what God told him he could do and saved his people

If you think about it, this is the very model of what our Founding Fathers did more than 238 years ago.

• They knew that what the government was making them do was wrong.
• They knew the way they were being treated were wrong.
• They tired of “going along to get along”
• They tired of the “Status Quo”
• They stood up to their “Goliath” – the British Empire
• They didn’t have to fight or rebel.
o They could have just accepted what was given them and lived out their lives as SUBJECTS instead of FREE PEOPLE
• But something in the very thread of their character said “NO! ENOUGH” so they Declared Independence and went to war.

Our Founding Fathers stood up against the biggest powerhouse on the planet at the time and WON!

Nobody thought they had a chance, but they had a secret weapon – a NUCLEAR ARSENAL that Britain did not have.

They had faith.

They had seen God do so much in their lives and in their new lives on these shores that they KNEW the VICTORY was already won.

And it was.

David broke through the expectations of the world and defeated his giant following Gods dynamic plan.

What has God got planned for you?

What are you simply ACCEPTING as “NORMAL” when God has something much better for you?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, living the status quo of a fallen rat race world?



• He delivered David.
• He delivered our Founders
• He will deliver you

Who is your giant that he should defy the armies of the Living God?
DEFEATED, that is what he is.
Live Like This Victory