“The Rose”

An Illustration for a Woman’s Funeral

  1. We should all remember that this precious person is part of a growing, thriving plant
    1. From her time as a child to her parents
    2. To her time with her husband
    3. And on to her time as a mother, grandmother, ….
    4. She is part of a family, a church family, a community
  2. Her roots
    1. Faith
    2. Family
  3. Her Stem
    1. Her “shoots”, family

i.     Children:

ii.     Grandchildren:

  1. Her leaves (leaves take in water, food, oxygen, sun light)
    1. Her work:
    2. Her skills
    3. Her passions
  2. Her thorns
    1. Adversity

i.     Loss of:

ii.     Health Issues

iii.     Struggles:

  1. Her Flower
    1. The sweet smelling, beautiful parts

i.     Achievements

ii.     Honors

iii.     Blessings

  1. Her life is like the flower of a beautiful Rose displayed for us to admire and appreciate
    1. Just like the bloom of a Rose, her life had many folds

i.     Daughter

ii.     Wife

iii.     Mother

iv.     Grandmother

v.     Friend

vi.     Co-worker

vii.     Mentor

viii.     Example

ix.     Woman

x.     Christian