Marriage is like living and working on a ranch

  1. God is absolutely necessary
    1. Ranchers (and Farmers) know just how much we all need God
    2. Rain, health, growing herd, finances
  2. Ranchers work hard to succeed
    1. Every day is a day of hard work
    2. Every day is a day of blood, sweat and tears
  3. Ranchers make a lot of sacrifices to succeed
    1. Early Mornings
    2. Late Nights
    3. Hard work
  4. Ranching requires love and devotion
    1. If you do not love the ranch life you will quickly depart from ranch work.
  5. Ranchers know how to deal with disappointment, stress, pain and failures
    1. And still survive, and thrive.
  6. Ranchers know how to plan and prepare
    1. Financial
    2. Farming – tending their crops
    3. Preparing for breeding, branding, vet visits and bills and heading to the sale.
  7. Ranchers know when it is time to let loose and have a little fun
    1. Whether it be a barn dance, board games, hunting, shooting or riding
    2. There are times a little stress relief is required.