DRAFT   –   13 Realities of being a pastor they do not teach you in Seminary.

  1. 10% of your membership will do 90% of the ministry.  80% will come to church…usually, but will rarely show up to witnessing, church work days, VBS, community events, etc.  10% you may never meet.
  2. Christians are people too.  The “heroes” of the Bible had real issues and so will your congregation.  Unfortunately, most will never tell you, and some will just leave without seeking help.
  3. There are people who will take advantage of you.  They will try to take advantage of your generosity, your time and your heart.  Yes, there are many “human parasites” out there and it takes a long time to be able to spot them.
  4. Everyone lies. (thanks House.)
    1. They may lie to make you feel good.
    2. They will lie to manipulate you
    3. They may lie to make themselves look good.
    4. They may lie for no apparent reason.
  5. People will not tell you about something then complain because you are not doing anything about it!
    1. Maybe it is a building problem.
    2. Maybe it is an issue with a church family
    3. It could be anything.
  6. You strongest “supporters” will turn against you to keep peace in their family or Sunday School class.
    1. This is hard to spot, but sometimes all it takes is one or two angry people to turn a family, Sunday School class or age group against you.
  7. Learn all you can about plumbing, electricity, carpentry, HVAC systems, grounds keeping, sprinkler systems, sound systems, video systems, computer systems, etc. before you enter ministry.  These will prove to be valuable skills!  You will need them!  Either to do the work yourself, to make sure your “volunteer” does not burn the place down or to make sure the contractor you hire is doing them correctly and isn’t charging too much money.
  8. There will be weeks you find yourself without time to properly prepare your sermons.  Ministry demands, meetings, emergencies, etc. will eat your time.
    1. Prepare ahead of time.
    2. Do not be afraid to revamp something from the past if needed
  9. People will expect you to do everything for them
    1. They want you to fix their problems
    2. They do not want to make any changes in their lives
  10. You will never be paid what you should be paid for all the hours, work and pain you deal with on a daily basis.
    1. A Non ministry person would NEVER do what the Pastor does for any amount of money.
  11. If you can do anything else other than being a pastor – GO DO THAT!
  12. Being a pastor is hard, difficult, shocking, freaky, dangerous, scary, inconvenient, frustrating, complicated and flat out IMPOSSIBLE work you could ever, ever do!
    1. It is harder on your family
    2. The ONLY way to do this work is to STOP TRYING TO DO IT YOURSELF!
    3. This work REQUIRES a bigger, smarter, more capable person than you.

i.     This work REQUIRES GOD!

  1. Let Him do this work THROUGH you
  1. When done correctly, being a pastor is the most rewarding, joyful work on the planet!