Standing with the One Who Knows You

John 20 and 21

When Does Jesus Stand With you? 

When Does Jesus Know You?

When Should You Stand With Jesus?


  1. When Jesus knows your name
    1. You respond to Him
    2. Mary Magdalene thought He was the gardener until He called her by name

i.               Aside:  Jesus did not first appear to His mother, a disciple or a preacher; but to a woman who had been delivered from 7 demons.  What does this say about the love Jesus has for everyone?

  1. When Jesus knows your doubts
    1. You respond to Him
    2. He invites you to test His reality
    3. He told “doubting Thomas” to touch the holes in His hands and side.
  2. When Jesus knows you are hurting and waiting, wondering if your devotion was in vain
    1. Even if you have to listen to someone society/culture says is lower than you
    2. Even if it means you have to run to see what has happened
    3. Even if what you find is and empty tomb
    4. Even if you have locked the doors in fear
  3. When Jesus knows your physical needs
    1. Even if it is a net full of fish when you are hungry
    2. Even if it is a warm fire and a welcome wave
  4. When Jesus knows your Spiritual needs
    1. You respond to Him
    2. Even if it takes three times for you to understand and find restoration
  5. When Jesus is on your side
    1. Even when He has to submit to evil and corrupt local authorities
    2. Even when the vilest of local religious leaders turn you against Him
    3. Even when He is ridiculed, beaten, abused, violated, mocked, abused and murdered

i.               Even when He was found Not Guilty

  1. Even When His dead body is placed in a borrowed tomb
  2. Even when all of His family, friends and true followers mourn His death
  3. It AINT over yet!

i.               Sundays’ coming

ii.               The Tomb WILL BE EMPTY

iii.               HE IS RISEN

Jesus took a STAND so we would never need to stand alone.

  • He stood for His Fathers will in the Garden
  • He stood by faith in the darkest of times
  • He stood alone against false condemnations and conviction
  • He stood in our place in judgment for our sins
  • He only laid down in death after He had done everything His human flesh could do for us
  • He stood victorious over sin
  • He stood victorious over satan
  • He stood victorious over all things

People often cry for peace, forgetting the reality that true peace comes by two things:

1. Absolute victory

2. Absolute surrender

Jesus stands in absolute victory

Will you now stand in absolute surrender so you will never have to stand alone again?