Right now I am sitting in a waiting room, waiting.

I wonder how much of  my life has been spent waiting.

In the Air Force we had to hurry up do wait.

I have waited on doctors, nurses, prescription’s, news, babies, wife and kids, snow, rain, traffic, groceries, repairs, service, politicians, shots, school, growing up, getting old, sleep, food, water, games and the list goes on.

One thing I did not have to wait on was my salvation.  Eternal life had already been paid for and was always available.  Unfortunately, salvation was waiting on me.

Today, as I wait for many earthly things, I also await the return of Jesus Christ.  I do not know if I will wait for Him to come for me individually or if my wait will end in the rapture of His church – or if His method for me really matters.  I am to wait and be ready.

And, while I wait, there is much work to be done; work for me a bad work for others.  Sharing the Gospel and drawing closer to God.  No rest for the waiting, just the blessings of a life lived for the One I am waiting for.