Who are you most afraid of?

 Very tough question

 I am not that afraid of death….because I know I will not die I am not afraid of illness because I already know this body is flawed and will not last much longer I do not fear accident or injury because God is in control and I can trust Him for help, healing and the ability to use any situation for good if I trust Him.

I am not afraid of politicians because I know that, ultimately, they are not in charge.

I am not afraid of the bogeyman because God is bigger I may worry about providing for my family in times of poverty, famine or unrest….but I trust God to provide I am not afraid of bullies, gossips or backbiters because they have no power or authority over me I do not give them.

I fear no man because I fear God….but I am not afraid of God…I trust God…I love God…I need God…I want God

Here is what I am most afraid of:  myself Will I make bad decisions?

Will My choices hurt someone….or myself?

Will I disappoint God?

 I am far more unstable and dangerous because I have an explosive flaw:  I am human and quite capable of horrific sin.

 I know what I have done before.

I know that I am capable of those things and much, much worse.

 I am far more dangerous to myself than any one or anything could ever be.

 The only real good in me is God.

He has forgiven me.

He has restored me.

He has saved me from myself.

 He is keeping me on the right path…usually.

He keeps me from repeating or resuming my past…usually.

My desire for Him keeps my focus on Him…usually.

 It is those “unusual” times that make me fear myself more than others.

 “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!”

“Fear not, for I am with you”. –  God

Fear is a wasted emotion if given to any thing or anyone else but self.