Don’t over invest.

Blow pops are a quarter…..and they don’t last to long.

Chapstick is a dollar and it doesn’t last very long

Cars are thousands of dollars and last a few years

Houses cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars and last decades

Mt. Rushmore cost millions and will last centuries

The point…several

1. Don’t invest too much in too little

A. Make sure the relationship will last before you invest too much into it

B.  Don’t invest too much too fast…chances are it will be a bad investment

1.  Get a ring

C. If a deal looks too good to be true it probably is

D. Shifty used car salesmen used to put sawdust in transmissions so they would shift well….for a time…then fail spectacularly.   Those you date will do the same – they

will hide the flaws …for a while….then fail majorly.

2.  Be sure to “test drive” before you buy

A. Try many…..reject most…make sure the house isin the right neighborhood

B. see what styles and options you like

C. Do not settle for second best 3. If you buy the wrong thing you will be stuck with it until it wears out or you crash

A. Statistically… will date many more than the one you are with before you get

the right one

B. even if you do marry the first one….or an early model…statistics show a crash


C. You are thinking I am just an old guy …that I don’t understand

1.  You don’t know how many times I have wrecked

2.  You don’t know how much I was hurt and how much hurt I caused

3.  I am not trying to stop you for stoppings sake….

I am trying to keep you from pain…..for your sake

I am trying to help you for your children’s sake