JANUARY 6th – NEW YEARS – “Learn from History, Don’t Live It”   – Key Text: Philippians 3:12 14

 I remember the old adage we were told in middle school WV History Class – “Those who don’t learn Histories lessons are doomed to repeat it”

 Paul knew that his past was scarred and dirty – and he was honest with himself about the reality of his sins, errors, mistakes and poor decisions.

1.     Usually, we remember the past fondly

    1. a.     Maybe because of relationships

                                          i.     Remembering lost loved ones

                                        ii.     Remembering when you first met, or first date

  1. b.     Maybe Situationally

                                          i.     Job promotion

                                        ii.     Marriage

iii.     A simpler time

iv.     “Good Old Days”

  1. Poor roads, utilities, infrastructure
  2. No tractors/Equipment
  4. No computers, cellular phones

                                        v.     If you had TV it was 3 channels at the most and they stopped after midnight

  1. 1.     Reality is usually much different than what we choose to remember
  2. 2.     Do not live in the past
    1. Once is enough

i.     We usually remember the past much better than it really was

ii.     Reliving past events will not make them better – only allow past events to cause current pain.

  1. I have messed up much in my past and there is nothing I can do to change them
    1. They already happened
    2. Forgiveness is my only hope
    3. b.     You have grown past your past

i.     Learn the lessons and make the notes

ii.     Seek forgiveness

  1. First from God
  2. Then from those you hurt

                                       iii.     MOVE FORWARD

iv.     You are not the same person you were then

  1. You have matured
  2. You have learned the lessons of the past
  3. 3.     Even if you could SOMEHOW change the past – it would also change your PRESENT!
    1. a.     Your past – THE GOOD AND THE BAD AND THE UGLY – are part of the formula that makes you – YOU
  4. 4.     Your best lays ahead of you
    1. Reach forward – not backwards
    2. You cannot change the past
    3. The present is where we are now
    4. The future is not here yet, but it is our destination
  5. 5.     You have yet to reach the pinnacle of your life
    1. Keep striving for better
    2. Reach forward – not backwards
  6. 6.     The rewards are beyond your expectations
    1. Heavenly prize
    2. A prize that Jesus is calling you towards

i.     He wants you to receive

ii.     Possess the perfection that is only available through Christ Jesus

  1. John 14:6 “Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”  NLT
  2. “Learn from History, Don’t Live It”