Do not miss the opportunity to be a good person

Do not miss the opportunity to say a good thing
Do not miss the opportunity to do a good thing
Do not miss the opportunity for good
Do not miss the opportunity to tell someone you love them
Turn your phone off at the meal table
Turn your phone off when in a face to face conversation
Turn your phone off in class
When speaking with a customer, a friend, a peer, a boss or anyone else do not leave them to answer a phone, it is rude and you have voice mail. Be involved in the conversation you are in.
if you have the choice between a phone call or a face to face, chose the face to face.  This is even more true with texting
Do not text and drive
Be polite always, even with impolite people
Do not rejoice in the harm of others, even your enemy
Do not use rude, coarse or profane language.
Do not talk about other people if they are not present
Choose wisely the time and place to confront a person
Praise in public, correct in private.
Always encourage.  If you cannot encourage remain silent.
Do the work you are expected to do. Do your work quickly and correctly.
Be aware of your place and act accordingly .  It is ok to shout at a football game but not in a library.
Be aware of what company you are in and act accordingly.  It maybe ok to act goofy at a circus or with your closest friends but not with your boss, a policeman or the president.

Above all else, honor God.