God is…the ultimate father figure – Genesis 2:18 – 24

Bill Cosby tells the story about the difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. He insists that Mother’s Day is a much bigger deal because Mothers are more organized. Mothers say to their children: Now here is a list of what I want. Go get the money from your father and you surprise me on Mother’s Day. You do that for me.

For Father’s Day I give each of my five kids $20 so that they can go out and by me a present——a total of $100. They go to the store and buy two packages of underwear, each of which costs $5 and contains three shorts. They tear them open and each kid wraps up one pair, the sixth going to the Salvation Army. Therefore, on Father’s Day I am walking around with new underwear and my kid’s are walking around with $90 worth of my change in their pockets

• God made males first
• God gave men responsibilities and work to do
o Farmer – Work the ground
o Gardener – Keep up the garden of Eden
o Scientist – Name all the animals
o Keep one commandment
• God knew that man would be bored and get lazy just sitting around so He provided him work and the great outdoors to keep him busy
o The first man lived in the wild – farming, foraging, working outside.
o Going to Cabella’s and spending money on camping, hunting and fishing stuff is NOT AN OPTION…it is a God given need.
• God knew that the males could not survive without help so God made women to keep them alive
• Men need women – that is why men so willingly leave home and become one flesh with the wife God provided for them
o They literally could not live without them

Much has happened over the past few months to keep my mind on my mom and dad.

I heard someone at mom’s funeral say that my sister and I no longer have parents

They could not be more wrong.

1. I am my daddy’s son as long as I live. The commandment to honor your mother and father does not come with an expiration date.

2. The life lessons I learned from mom and dad are still important and valuable to my life today – perhaps even more than when they taught me.

3. I am a product of my mom and dad. God chose them for me. God chose to mix their DNA, education, experiences, temperaments, opinions, ideals, mistakes, attitudes, history and all the other parts of their lives together to form me and my sister.

4. Even though my physical parents have departed this earthly plane, I still have The Perfect Father in Heaven who loves me, cares for me, corrects me, builds me and, in fact, created me.

5. God is always there for me. No Dad is perfect and some are real goofballs; but Dads; here is the key to being a good dad – Be there for your kids through the good and the bad; play time and punishment time, when it is time to change their diapers, their bike tires or their car tires, when they are teething and when they get braces. BE THERE.

5. This Father’s day I am thankful that God gave me my dad here on earth for 46 years and for the influence dad had in my life BUT I am much more thankful for my eternal Almighty heavenly father.

God is the ULTIMATE Father Figure
1. God gives us life
2. God teaches us
3. God provides for us
4. God disciplines us
5. God spends time with us
6. God encourages us
7. God LOVES us