Focusing thoughts

Galatians 1:1   “Paul, an apostle— not from men nor through man, but through Jesus Christ and God the Father, who raised him from the dead—“ ESV

This letter is from Paul and all the brothers with him

    1. Paul rarely traveled alone
    2. Paul knew the value of others
      1. i.     Help him do the work
      2. ii.     Encourage him
      3. iii.     Counsel him
        1. We all need counsel from time to time
          1. a. Help me with this
          2. b. What do you think?
          3. c. Bounce this off of you
          4. d. Is this the right thing to do
    3. We need Christian brothers and sisters to travel life’s road with us – lest we may be easily pulled off course by life, the world or satan
      1. i. We need each other
    4. We need a Paul to travel with us to build into our lives
      1. i.     A wise elder, strong person of faith, bold witness and disciple maker
    5. We need a Barnabas to travel with us – a wise contemporary who understand us
      1. i.     A spouse, a coworker, a friend,
      2. ii.     Someone who will tell us when we are doing well
      3. iii.     Someone who is friend enough to tell us when we are not doing so well
    6. We need a Timothy to travel with us – someone whose life we are building into
      1. i.     A child, a friend, a intern of sorts
  1. Paul is an Apostle…but he often has to defend his apostleship.
    1. A special messenger of Jesus Christ; a person to whom Jesus delegated authority for certain tasks.
  2. Paul was not one for small talk – right to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    1. This is the part of a letter where we usually write “small talk”…”how are you”  “What are you up to these days”
    2. Not Paul – his heart was the Gospel
    3. Paul shared the Gospel at every opportunity
    4. Never lose a chance to share the Love of God that is found through Christ Jesus
  3. Paul took every opportunity to lift up the Name of Jesus Christ and point people to Him and away from Paul,
  4. Paul was called by God to his work
    1. Paul was not a hired hand
    2. Paul was not an employee
    3. Paul did not answer to any human supervisor
    4. d. Paul served God
    5. To many leaders today are self called or appointed
    6. Many more are in the positions they have because they cater to the nature of man
      1. i.     Their focus is making a person, or a committee happy
    7. Too many pastors or denominational leaders are in their job for the power, prestige or paycheck
    8. Too many Deacons, Elders, or Pastors think they are the BOSS!  When they are actually SERVANTS!
    9. Not Paul – His only goal was to please God
  5. Christians today serve our Living God
    1. Supervisors may change, minds may change, goals may change, men change
    2. God never changes
  6. Are you walking God’s road God’s way?
    1. Are you traveling the right way?
    2. Are you traveling with the right people?
    3. Are you carrying the right message?