A Peace worth Preserving

Galatians 1:3 – 10

Galatians series # 3

Peace exists not in the absence of danger or conflict,  but in the presence of God.   – Unknown

I rest beneath the Almighty’s shade, My griefs expire, my troubles cease; Thou, Lord, on whom my soul is stayed, Wilt keep me still in perfect peace.

– Charles Wesley.

  1. Peace is available to all.
  2. Would You:
    1. Trade a billion dollars for 47 cents?
    2. Trade in your new vehicle for a ten year old “clunker” and pay $20,000?
    3. Give up heaven to gain a friend?
    4. Run from the Gospel toward a man made religion?
  3. Billions do just this every single day!
  4. Millions and Missions of CHRISTIANS are doing this RIGHT NOW!
  5. True Peace is only found by those who embrace Jesus Christ
  6. Why would anyone who found total peace ever stray away from it?
    1. Peer Pressure
      1. i.     You cannot please everyone
      2. ii.     You do not have to please everyone
      3. iii.     People will reject you/hurt you/banish you
      4. iv.     There is only One you need to please – GOD!
    2. False teachers/preachers
      1. i.     Always confirm what you are taught with the Word of God.
      2. ii.     Never assume that a preacher, teacher or evangelist is correct just because of their title, age or smooth talk
      3. iii.     Sometimes it is easier to go with the lie than the truth
        1. The lie is generally accepted by the world
        2. The Truth is generally rejected by the world
        3. Believing the right thing is not always popular but it is always the right thing to believe!
        4. iv.     Truth is a Person. Truth is Jesus
          1. Make sure you are walking in truth
    3. Choosing humanity instead of Christianity
      1. i.     The world tempts us with human logic and reasoning
      2. ii.     The world tempts our flesh
        1. Hunger for acceptance
        2. Desire to “be fair”
        3. Need for power
        4. Greed
    4. Satan is still about his business to steal, kill and destroy people.
  7. Salvation is available to everyone by Grace alone through Faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.
    1. There is no other Gospel
    2. John 3:16, Romans 3:21 – 25, Ephesians 2:8_10 and a host of other scripture will remain true regardless of what the world says about them
    3. Trust God and never stray away from His Divine Truth.