Galatians 1:3


  • More than a word
  • More than the absence of conflict or war
  • More than commitment

The Peace that Paul speaks of here is a peace that lets you KNOW that, regardless of the trouble or circumstances you are in, life will be OK!  You do NOT have to worry about it.

Give it to God.

v We think peace is a feeling

v We think peace is an experience

v We think peace is simple quietness and beauty

v We think peace is contentment

v We think peace is having everything we need or want

v We thing peace is something we fight for

v We think peace is something we deserve because of our goodness

We are wrong.

Peace is a gift of God.

  • What is the difference between a rose bush and a thorn bush?
  • Some would say marketing.
  • Both have thorns that are sharp and painful
  • Both have to be handled with gloves
  • BUT..The rose bush has found a way to be beautiful despite its thorns.

Jesus gave us His peace..John 14:27

  • Jesus knew His Father
  • Jesus knew His Mission
  • Jesus knows the outcome – the “rest of the story”
  • Jesus focused on loving God and loving us and everything worked out just right, even to Calvary’s cruel cross.  Even there Jesus had peace.
  • We can know God
  • We can know our purpose
  • We can know the final outcome
  • We just need to focus on loving God and loving others and trust that life here will all work out Ok and that life everlasting will turn out better than we expect….no matter what “in the world” happens.
  • We can have peace
  • We can have Jesus!

Peace is a gift from God the Fathers given through God the Son and confirmed in us daily through God the Holy Spirit.

Peace is the God given gift that allows us to be serene, calm, content, happy, joyful and even hopeful at all times, even in our darkest and most painful hour.

Peace is being able to walk boldly into the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego with faith and not fear.

Peace is being with Daniel as he is labeled “Lion Food” and tossed into the dark and dingy den of death and having no fear about the outcome.

Peace is being persecuted with Steven because of your faith and praying for the ones who are murdering you as they throw the heavy stones that are striking you.

Peace is not allowing your circumstances to govern your life.

Peace is allowing Jesus to carry you through life’s storms.

True peace comes from being delivered from all evil by Grace alone through Faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.

This is a peace that withstands anything the world, the enemy or we can throw at it.

This is a peace that is totally dependant on Jesus and NOT on our strength, our wisdom, our situation, our abilities, our families, our employers, our bank accounts, our neighbors, our government, our weapons, or any thing else in this world.

“My peace I give you”  – Jesus