Monday I had a dentist appointment to repair a bad tooth. The dentist drilled and scrapped and pulled and filled. The dentist chair is a place where you must submit yourself completely to the dentist; he is in charge of you for that period of time. If the dentist says “open wider” you do. They work on your tooth, wash up the mess and suck out all the bad stuff. You just sit there and do as you are told and they fix the problem. Your biggest problem is paying the bill afterward!

What is really sad is the reality that if I had taken better care of my teeth (brushed more, flossed more and eaten less junk food) I would not need to be going through the pain I was experiencing at that time. I would love to be able to go to a Ice Cream Parlour to fix my teeth, but I must go to the dentist.

Maybe we can learn a few things about our spiritual life from the dentist.

1. If we take better care of our spiritual life now we will have less pain later. Pray more, read God’s Word more, live a more faithFULL life and spend more time with God’s children.
2. If we find our self hurting the best thing to do is go to God and yield ourselves to Him.
3. Once we are sitting at God’s Throne we just need to sit there and be obedient. If God says “Do this” our job is to do it.
4. Once we submit to God’s authority He will fix our problems for us. We just sit there and do as we are told. He will repair us, clean us and bring us restoration.
5. Here is the hard part – the Bill. Paying for a single tooth repair is hard enough, especially in today’s economy. How could we ever hope to pay for a “whole body, mind and soul” restoration project. We cannot. There is not enough treasure on this plant to make that payment. The good news is that God loves you and knows fully your inability to settle this bill with Him. Because He loves you He pays your bill for you. He gave His Son as full payment for your mistakes, errors and failures. God restores you, God pays the price for Him restoring you and God is pleased to bring you the new life and hope you need. Your part? Believe God loves you and you can be completely repaired by Him and set free by the payment of His Son Jesus Christ.
6. Many people would tell you that you can be repaired and restored by reading a book, eating certain foods, or doing certain things at certain times. But the reality is, if we want restoration we must go to God. He is our designer, builder and the One who sustains us. No one else can do what God can do. Only God can give us faith, hope and love.

I may have to go to the dentist again one day, and the dentist will receive me and make any new repairs my teeth require or at least give my teeth a check up and cleaning. In the same way, I will have to go to God on a daily basis for a check up and “cleaning.” The good news is that once I am God’s patient, I will always be His patient.